Thursday, November 23, 2006

Early to rise, early to begin

...Makes the house smell like a turkey again!
(with apologies to Poor Richard's Almanac)

Timetable so far on Love Thursday, Thanksgiving Day:
6:00 -- get up, feed bunnies
6:15 -- stuff turkey, preheat oven
6:30 -- start turkey!
6:35 -- start a pot of Door County cranberry creme coffee
6:45 -- put a load of La Petite's laundry in the dryer
6:55 -- bring in the morning paper, heavy with Black Friday ads
7:00 -- watch the Early Show, drink a cup of cranberry creme coffee in a Pop'n'Fresh mug. Appropriate for a big day of cooking, don't you think?


9:00 -- The house smells lovely. Amigo is watching the Macy's parade, Husband is cooking the rootmash, and La Petite is sleeping late as only a college student can. I have showered, folded two loads of college sheets, and refilled the doughboy mug with holiday-flavored coffee. Life is good.

Second update:

10:40 -- turkey is perilously close to done, and we're not eating until noon, so we turned the oven way down. Amigo is dressed and taking breaks from the parade to help mash the potatoes. La Petite is awake, and the bunny litter boxes are cleaned. Guests will start arriving in an hour or so. House still smells wonderful and reminds me of one reason I love Thanksgiving!

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Blogger Cheryl said...

I love Cranberry coffee. I doubt people outside Wisconsin have ever been blessed enough to experience it, but thanks for making my mouth water.

11/28/2006 8:33 AM  

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