Saturday, October 14, 2006

Say what?

I can’t blog about my job in detail for several reasons.
One: teaching requires a large amount of confidentiality. Too much revealed would mean a child’s life revealed.
Two: my co-workers might read about themselves.
Three: most readers wouldn’t believe it anyway.

Truth is stranger than fiction. If I wrote a book, no one would believe it.

The past week could be described in the alphabet soup jargon of my profession. I worked closely with the EBD and PSL after an OSS for an AOP, prompting a need to use my NVCI training. Afterwards, the GC, along with the aforementioned EBD & PSL, took the matter to BCT with the SP and SSW to be sure we followed the IEP. S&L and PT/OT were informed, as was SPE. Or was that APE? Just be sure to include an SASE. No PhDs intervened, just an MS or two, and fortunately, we had no need for an MD. The EA gave RCFA instead. Applying our knowledge of ASD, we used TLC to make everything A-OK.

And that was just TGIF.



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Anonymous Anonymous said...

That sounds like the IEP ARD I attended today!

10/16/2006 6:24 PM  

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