Friday, October 27, 2006


National Blog Post Month, created and inspired by, is coming up in November.

Starting on November 1st, many bloggers will work to follow Yoda's advice and Post Every Day. When I mentioned to my family that I had signed up, they responded, "So what's new? You post every day anyway!" Well, almost. There are limits. when I had long nights of parent-teacher conferences I didn't post. I didn't post when I was sick -- okay, maybe I did.

Blogging is fun for me. I blog not for ad revenue (but I might be convinced to sign up if it's worthwhile), not for the publicity (13-20 readers most days, come on!), but for the pure enjoyment. I just found out that Fussy and friends will be offering a few prizes, but the odds of winning are low (>100 participants!), though, so I'm not counting on it.

Last night Husband, wrapped loosely in a queen sized sheet as he tried to spread it on the bed, complained that he could handle 100 feet of heavy cable better than he could one clean sheet. When I sat down with the pillowcases and laughed, he realized the sad truth: it was a bloggable moment. In his defense, he is fairly accomplished at housework and does it periodically. Making beds is just one of his least favorites on the chore list. He'd rather snowblow the driveway in a blizzard than change sheets, and hence the notable quotable.

One of the best and brightest bulbs in the Blogosphere's chandelier is that of comraderie and virtual friendship. I read several blogs regularly, if not daily. My list of favorites keeps changing as I find others that think the way I do or entertain me. No one knocks spelling or grammar when a blogger dangles a participle or splits an infinitive. If a mommyblogger is having a rough day, no one tells her she's a bad mom. We all commiserate and let her know that we've had days like that, too. I've found like minds who blog from several states away, even in different countries. We develop cyber-friendships by commenting on each other's blogs and emailing occasionally.

I expect NaBloPoMo will be more of the same. You lucky readers will get to hear all about Thanksgiving at my house, the first snows of our Wisconsin winter, and more. I'll do my best to make it interesting and enjoyable. And as Yoda might say, "Read Compost Happens you will!"

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