Wednesday, October 11, 2006

the first real, true, killer frost

I thought the killer frost was coming quite a while ago, but we got lucky. Only the beans were finished. Tonight we're looking at 30 degrees with a (gasp) wind chill, so I picked the last few things hanging -- a few plum tomatoes that can ripen indoors, and the weirdest shaped zucchini I've ever seen! I'm not sure how this one happened. I think it's going to end up in soup.
I fed the bean vines to the rabbits after they stopped yielding actual beans. I've picked all the broccoli and fed most of that to the rabbits, too. They were ecstatic. Bunnies will eat all of the stalks and leaves, so nothing goes to waste.
I guess the tomatoes will just be a memory now. Here are a couple of shots from late August as they were coming ripe. The big ones turned out to be a pale orange type instead of the ordinary Early Girls we thought we'd planted. I think they were mislabeled in the store. Mmmm, were they good!
The Romas were delicious, too. I liked packing them in my lunch. One of my students noticed these and exclaimed, "Did you grow those? Wow!" City kids, I tell you. Snicker.
To give credit where credit is due: La Petite took the tomato pictures. She is very, very talented with a camera. Fortunately, she is willing to share with me. Thanks, sweetie! I guess I owe you a care package one of these days.
Now I'm off to drink cinnamon tea by the fireplace. Really.


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