Saturday, October 21, 2006

Dressed for success

During the workweek, I set out my clothes next to the shower every night for the next morning. I'm not a fashionista ("What Not to Wear" would have a field day with me); I just like to be prepared for my early morning alarm each school day.
On Saturdays, I take great pride in wearing my pajamas as long as possible.
That doesn't mean I am lazy or a slacker on weekends. On the contrary, here is a list of my many accomplishments thus far today, all done in my jammies.
While still in my pajamas, I:
  1. fed the rabbits
  2. made coffee
  3. brought in the newspaper
  4. read the newspaper
  5. had breakfast (bagel & coffee)
  6. washed three loads of laundry
  7. dried three loads of laundry
  8. folded and put away three loads of laundry
  9. took a small can of kitchen scraps to the compost bin
  10. emptied wastebaskets
  11. took out the garbage
  12. convinced Amigo to get dressed so he could go outside and pet Shelby
  13. cooked lunch
  14. cleaned up lunch
  15. ran the dishwasher
  16. hand-washed the pots and pans that didn't fit in the dishwasher
  17. contributed to the grocery list (Husband and Amigo do the shopping)
  18. planned supper
  19. tried unsuccessfully to convince Husband to start the fiber regimen his doctor recommended
Okay, in case the last one needs some explanation, the dialogue went something like this.

"Here, dear, I found a jar of Metamucil for you."
"I'm not ready."
"Not ready?"
"I like my Saturn. I don't want to drive a Buick yet."
"I took it 15 years ago when I was pregnant with Amigo."
"And look what you drive now!"

My minivan -- he's dissing my minivan! The minivan that took us on more than a few vacations, moved La Petite to and from college, brings big batches of yard waste to the brush dump every summer, took my carpool to graduate classes for two years, and more!

Oh, well, the honeymoon is over. I guess I'd better get dressed.

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Blogger Diana Joy said...

Great post!
On Saturday...well I just sleep in and well...I guess I blog...Whew!...I'm exhausted! hahaha
Thanks for dropping by:D Let's keep in touch!
Diana Joy
He shouldn't be dissing the minvans!!! hahaha lol
Great post!

10/22/2006 12:13 PM  

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