Wednesday, September 06, 2006

What do you get when you cross a coffee mug with a duck?

You get a coffee mug like this!
(What, you were expecting a punch line?) This series, not quite a gallery, describes the coffee mugs in my collection. There are no plain ordinary mugs, no plain white ceramic, no basic black. The duck mug was a gift, given to go with the art work on the mantle (below). Husband bought me the piece as a gift for completing my Masters Degree project a few years ago. The day I mailed the project, after many sleepless weeks of planning and work, he presented me with the framed duckling picture as a reward for having "all my ducks in a row". When my sister-in-law spotted the mug, she thought they would go together well. She was right. I use the mug often, and every time I think of how good it feels to have the degree finished and "all my ducks in a row."


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