Sunday, September 24, 2006

The re-naming of the son

El Grande is taller than I am. He has been for at least three years now, and he keeps getting taller. However, he seems to be earning a new nickname. He's still tall, and will continue to be tall, but he seems to be attracting furry friends, including our own rabbits and the dogs next door. Today he formally introduced one dog to Grandma. "Shelby, this is my grandma. Grandma, this is Shelby." The dog seemed to acknowledge the introduction while stretched out on the driveway enjoying being petted. We'd have a cat if it weren't for my allergies, too. My brother has been cat-sitting long term for a relative that couldn't bring her cat into a new apartment. The cat dislikes everyone -- except my family. The Evil Feline actually likes my Husband, La Petite, and El Grande. We could take it in -- but it would make me wheeze, so we won't.
So anyway, El Grande needs a new name. From this day on, the tall one will be known as El Amigo de los Animales, or Amigo for short. Unless, of course he reads the blog and tells me that he likes being El Grande better. (Um, gee, kiddo, if you're reading Mom's blog, tell me what you think!)


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