Friday, September 01, 2006

The Juggling Act

I've described the balance of working full time and motherhood as a juggling act. I keep several "balls" or other props in the air by catching each one quicky and then tossing it carefully in order to catch it when it comes down again. When something else gets added into the act, sometimes I have to toss a ball higher than usual so that I can pay close attention to stunts with one of the others.
But really, the "balls" in motherhood and working are never the same size and weight. It's more like juggling produce from the market. I skillfully toss a few oranges in the air, and then someone adds an apple. Then one orange goes away, and along comes a grape. Grapes are small, so they need a different technique.
Well, this juggler just got tossed a watermelon. El Grande's braille embosser hasn't worked properly since the lightning hit our yard last week. Related? Maybe, maybe not. Husband spent a long time on the phone with the service department, attempting to troubleshoot. The end result was this: the machine had to be shipped to a repair facility in Florida, for a repair with potential cost of $500 or more.
Of course, the other fruits (getting ready for my first day of school, helping El Grande prepare for his first day of high school, helping La Petite pack and move to her college dorm, Husband's workload increasing with the start of football season) still have to be juggled. Maybe it's more like juggling flaming torches right now, because nothing can be neglected. Every single thing need attention and needs it now.
So why am I wasting time blogging? There's laundry to be done!
I just hope I don't drop the underwear.

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Blogger MM said...

You sound experienced. That is worth a lot.

9/02/2006 3:50 PM  

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