Wednesday, August 09, 2006

The Happy Composter

Here it is with lid back on! Yes, we moved the branch that you see. The small pieces got mulched, and the big pieces went to the brush dump. The mulch (you guessed it!) is now under cover combining in its natural way with coffee grounds, stale popcorn, banana peels, corn husks, and more. My garden will be sooooo happy in the spring! A simple pleasure for the home composter -- a lid that stays on.

I know, I'm easily pleased. I'm not a Pollyanna type, though. When the fence kept leaning more and more and eventually knocked the lid off for good, I was frustrated and cranky. The weather was at its hottest and most humid, so tearing down a fence wasn't on the agenda. Then the heat wave broke -- and it rained. That poor lid stayed off for amost three weeks before we took action.

If only replacing a dishwasher were as simple as cutting down a fence!


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