Saturday, June 17, 2006

bunnies, bunnies, bunnies

One pet is enough for most families. We have three. They're not traditional pets, either, because I am allergic to dogs and cats. We have three pet rabbits. The three make for all kinds of short and longer stories in our household. This morning, House Bunny was running laps around GKH as he stood in the living room in his pajamas. Logic? Who knows what a small furry creature thinks while he's running in circles!

Our first bunny was purchased from a petting zoo when La Petite was 10. She has always loved bunnies, and this one tugged on her heartstrings, even though it looked like a miniature of the infamous Beast Like No Other. Make that Beastess -- we bought and brought home a girl bunny. A few months later, GKH decided that El Grande needed his own pet, so we adopted a small white female rabbit that had been featured on the local News as "Pet of the Week". As soon as this little star entered the household, it became evident that Beastess was really a Beast, and we needed to fix one bunny or the other or prepare for lots of baby bunnies. Yikes! We fixed Beast, and the two became fast furry friends. They snuggled together in their outdoor hutch and in the Rabbit Run we built out of wood scraps and screens. The wild bunnies used to come up and visit them in the outdoor Run -- shades of Watership Down. They honestly looked like they were communicating through the screen walls.
White bunny #2 took sick and died a few summers later while El Grande was away at camp. We feared this would traumatize him and he'd never leave home again for fear of someone or something dying. We saved the burial for his return, and now #2 is buried in the backyard under a tangled mass of ferns and purple phlox.
Beast was so lonely we picked up another companion. It was very small, but the vet thought we'd have no trouble with the pair since the new one appeared to be female. The Beast proved once again that he was really a pussycat, and welcomed the tiny one to his humble hutch.

Hold that thought -- The power is threatening to go out (storms, heat, humidity), so I'd better go offline. The next chapter of Bunny History at the Groundskeepers' home will turn up later.

time for coffee
-- Daisy

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